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$10 Dealz

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This will change a few times during the month, but eventually the goal is to still have fresh coffee that is within 3-4 weeks of it's roast date. There is a limited quantity of each of the coffees below.

Today we have the following available for $10:

Tanzania Peaberry - amazing bean! Roasted to a Medium Dark. Retains some of the subtle berry & floral profile, while letting some of the spice come through. It's one of our hidden gems

Democratic Republic of Congo - Very, very different. If you like a light roasted bean that has a great floral profile with a hint of baker's chocolate, then this may be your bean! If you have a pour over brewer i.e. Chemex or Hario V60, then the floral and sweetness really stand out. We love it as an afternoon pour over or drip because the profile reduces the afternoon sweet tooth cravings ... sometimes.

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