Colombian Reserva del Patron

Colombian Reserva del Patron

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The 82 Coffee Company

Single Origin - Colombia

Name: Colombia Reserva del Patron Narino

Region: Narino

Process: Washed

The Bean: Soft sweet chocolate aroma & hint of fruit
The Grind: Medium chocolate aroma & sweetness
The Brew:
The Cup: The cup was smooth with a deep and rich
mouth feel. Chocolatey taste as it is very hot, but as it
cools off the bright fruit notes come forward in the sip.
Overall this is a great bean for a cool morning or cold
night when sitting outside.

Roasted on:

Instagram: @the82coffeecompany

We use medium coarse for drip and coarse for French
Press. We start with 7g (or 1 full tbsp) for every "cup"
on the coffee pot.

This is just a starting ratio, but find your perfect cup!

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