D.A.N ... Dark Angry Nectar

D.A.N ... Dark Angry Nectar

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For those of you love cold brew, but can't get the ratio down ... let us take the guess work out of measuring for you. Our cold brew bags have been measured to help take the guess work out of measuring.

Cold Brew is the most concentrated form of caffeine you can have in coffee in a natural form without adding anything to it, but 1oz will go a long way and 2 shots will definitely get you going for your day. 


For every 1 cold brew bag use 2 cups of water (16oz total)

Example: You have a 32oz jar. If you enjoy Blunt Force Caffeine that is not watered down, place two bags into the container, fill up with water, but not all the way, tighten the lid or cover it, let steep for 24hrs (at room temp or in a fridge), then drain the liquid nectar into your container ... but do you throw the bags?! NOPE!!!!! Repeat the same steps and use this to have a "tamer" cold brew. Plus this allows you to make your cold brew go further.

Pro Tip: Take both of the different cold brews, pour into a shot glass or small glass, and try each individually, then add both together and try them mixed ... all three will have different flavor profiles. 

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