On The Move packet

On The Move packet

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59g flat pouch

59 grams of fresh coffee will start your day right, help you take on a cold morning as you get up before dawn for work or "Stand-To" during a Field Problem. 

Stand-To! is a military term that is: A state of readiness assumed by ground troops at or just before dawn and dusk in wartime. But, this can also be applied to the daily life.

It's for the Rancher who gets up early in the morning before the sun comes up and tends their cattle, sheep or goats. It's for the Farmer who gets up to start their farm equipment and get ready to tend their fields. Both watch the sun come up on a cold morning waiting for the "heat tab" in the sky to bring the temperatures above zero and maybe even low double digits.  

It's for the Firefighter, EMT and Police personnel waiting and brewing their coffee waiting for the call to come, which is why they are OUR First Responders. They are the first ones to respond in critical situations, they are the first ones to give immediate aid and they are the first ones to put their lives on the line, even before the sun comes up!

It's for the Search and Rescue volunteers and workers that respond to a distress call to search for or rescue an individual or group of people in a dire situation; even at times to recover a body of someone who met their untimely end of life. 

It's for the athlete and the student up at dawn getting ready to hit the gym, then hit the books in the library.

It's for the Aids and Staff Workers on Capitol Hill who is in the office or the gym before everyone else in the office or the commuters getting up hours before they enter the office and need their fresh brewed fuel to get them through the long minutes or hours of their daily commute in and around every bustling city in America.

59 is a Linebacker's number. A Captain on the field, ready to react and respond in order to make that crucial stop. Just as a Linebacker is the heartbeat of the defense and will rally and lead the defense, we believe that 59g will be a great amount for a French Press or for the 8 cup mark on your coffee pot.

Perfect for an active on the go work schedule or lifestyle that doesn't allow you the time to brew a full pot of coffee.

The pouch contains 59g of coffee, which is perfect for a regular 32oz French Press or right to the 8 cup mark in a standard coffee pot or for Cold Brew in a 12oz BruTrek Double Shot 3.0 travel press/mug/brewer from Planetary Design.

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