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The O.G. Coffee

The O.G. Coffee

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We have named this bag The O.G. because this is The Original Grounds (coffee) that was introduced to the world from the original ports: Yemen's port city of Mokha and Indonesia's Island of Java. While Ethiopia is credited with the introduction of the coffee plant to the world, Yemen and Java are credited with the global introduction of coffee to the world via their ports. 

This blend is comprised of Yemen beans and Java beans. Here are some of the notes we took from cupping:

Whole bean: slight sweetness and dark, bold bean aroma

Ground beans: a dark baker's chocolate combines with a sweet ripe cherry to give the quick scent of a sweet, tart chocolate covered cherry

Brewing: the boldness really stands out as it is brewing, but faint aromas of sweetness

The Cup: let it cool for 3-5 minutes, but if you must take a quick sip of a near 200 degree coffee, then expect boldness up front with not too much sweetness. As it cools off, then the deep Java profiles start to come out that include include peat, baking spice, light baker's chocolate, but are offset by the sweetness of the Yemen bean. The profile will change as it cools off, but take a step back after your sip of coffee and think of life back a 100 or 200 years ago and appreciate the hard working farmers who give us this great blend!

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